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Meyers Wealth Management is a boutique financial advisor firm. We are affiliated with Cetera Advisor Networks, LLC. We have access to virtually all products and services offered by our industry. All products and services offered by us are subjected to a comprehensive due diligence process.
As a boutique firm, we concentrate on providing each of our clients with a unique one-on-one relationship that is maintained at an exceptional level of service.
Our approach is holistic, so each of our clients has a comprehensive financial plan. During the past 28 years, MWM has developed a team of experts to support my clients and their financial goals. That team includes estate planning attorneys, business attorneys, accountants, consulting bankers, business consultants, business brokers, farm brokers, commercial insurance specialists and marketing/sales consultants. All of them have exceptional skills and work closely with MWM to help our clients accomplish their financial goals.

As an independent financial advisor, MWM works for only one person - you, my client. We only make recommendations that we feel are in your best interest and that we would use for ourselves and our families if we were in your circumstances. I am paid a fee on the assets that I manage for you. That fee is normally 1% per year and is charged on a prorated monthly basis. If the only answer for a certain financial strategy is a commission product, then commissions will be fully disclosed.

At Meyers Wealth Management, we are committed to providing an exceptional level of service and attention to each client. Our approach is unique, because we do not follow modern portfolio theory, and we have access to an exceptionally broad range of products and services. We also use advanced technology in assisting our clients with managing their assets. We understand that our approach may not be a good fit for everyone. With that in mind, we offer a no-charge initial consultation. That gives you as the prospective client an opportunity to determine whether our services are a good fit for you, while also helping us determine whether you are a good fit for our practice. If we are both comfortable and agree to move forward, we schedule our next meeting, which typically leads to a formal service agreement.

At Meyers Wealth Management, our team is committed to providing you and each of our clients with a high level of service and attention. At a minimum, we meet quarterly with each client and conduct a comprehensive review of their current status and assets under management and adjust strategies as needed. Clients are encouraged to meet with us whenever needed. In addition, we have made a significant investment in software that provides each of our clients with 24/7 access to a consolidated statement that includes all of their assets under management. Those consolidated statements are an integral part of each of our reviews.

Jeffrey G. Meyers is licensed in 12 states and provide services many clients who live out of the Kansas City area. Thanks to technology we are able to provide our remote clients with an exceptional high level of service. We make extensive use of Albridge, our consolidating software, and account statements to conduct our client reviews. Each review follows an agenda. The first item on the agenda is an update from the client so that we can modify existing strategies or implement new ones based on their unique current circumstances

We work very closely with your accountant and attorney to make sure that you have a comprehensive financial and estate plan. If you prefer, we are happy to refer you to an accountant and/or attorney whom we have vetted, and best feel will work well with you and your financial goals

Our customized retirement plans for professionals, farmers and business owners allow them to contribute up to $300,000 per year. The customized plans require and come with an IRS opinion letter. We offer you the full range of retirement plans from Roth IRA to complicated customized plans.

We have access to technology platforms that help our clients access institutional managers without having to meet their respective account minimums. Many of these managers have an account minimum of $2 million per strategy. Without our technology platforms our clients would not be able to take advantage of the expertise offered by these institutional managers. The platforms that we use provide our clients with access to these managers at a lower cost than costs they absorb if they managed their own mutual fund portfolio.
A number of our clients maintain an advisor account where working together we select stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETFs that assist them in meeting their financial goals.
For our qualified investors, we have a wide range of public non-traded offerings such as Real Estate Investment Trusts and Business Development Companies. Each of these offering is subjected to an extensive due diligence process.
Through our network we have access virtually all providers of annuities, life insurance, disability insurance and long-term care insurance. We are able to spreadsheet different company offerings to ensure our clients receive the best value for their insurance dollars.

Most married couples will receive over $1,000,000 in Social Security benefits during their lifetime. That makes the benefits an asset that needs to be managed. We are expert at utilizing a software tool that we use to define when and how our clients should take their benefits to maximize the amount they receive from the Social Security Administration.
With our software we are able to run multiple scenarios to determine which strategy works best for our clients and their financial goals.

Whether you own a business, farm or practice you are a business owner. We specialize in helping you get the most value out of your ownership.
We customize retirement plans for your business that allow you to contribute as much as $300,000.00 per year in your own name. In most of our plans, 85% or more of all contributions are credited to the business owner. The plans we implement significantly help with employee retention.
If you have a partner in your business, then it is important to have the proper buy/sell agreements in place in case of disability or death. We work closely with attorneys to ensure the proper documents are in place and that the appropriate insurance policies support your plan.

As soon as one of your children or grandchildren start working, they qualify for a Roth IRA. We have low cost solutions that make it convenient and efficient for our clients to fund these types of accounts. The long-term benefits provided by a Roth IRA account funded early in life is nothing short of amazing.

As an independent advisor, I have access to a full range of Long-Term Care Insurance products. Long Term Care Insurance is expensive and companies that offer this type of insurance have a history of significant premium increases. A recently architected product combines life insurance with a Long-Term Care insurance rider. That design precludes the insurance company from raising future premium costs and can assist the client with an affordable policy.

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