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Wealth Management is both an art and a science. 

The art is understanding what you want to accomplish with your wealth—how do you want it invested?  What lifestyle will it support?  What legacy should it create?  The science is intelligent investment strategies with smart and efficient tax management strategies to help you accomplish the goals that you’ve set for your wealth.

MWM takes the mystery out of smart investing.  Our approach is backed by no-nonsense, analysis-driven strategies.  Our goal is always the best outcome for our clients. No nonsense. No bias. Only informed, success-minded advice.

Your Wealth Should Be Working for You

Your Wealth Should Be Working for You

Every successful investment strategy begins with some key questions:

  • “What do you want to accomplish with your wealth?”
  • “What lifestyle should your wealth be able to support?”
  • “How do you want your wealth invested?”
  • “What legacy do you want your wealth to create?”

We listen to your answers and help you define your goals based on your responses. The wealth planning strategies that we suggest will be based on your goals, your values, and your unique circumstances.

Defining—and Reaching—Your Goals


After analyzing your tax, estate, personal, and/or business situation, we will present a proposal to you for a wealth management plan. Your plan will be specially developed according to your comfort level with risk and your desired level of flexibility, among other factors. Our objective is to present you with options that you feel confident about and that set the trajectory toward your financial goals.


Because MWM is a fee-based firm, you can make adjustments to your wealth management plan at any time. Our methods are built on rigorous research and balanced by your preferences. When new opportunities to enhance or protect your wealth arise, we can adjust accordingly.

Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Initial Consultation & Goals

Each taxpayer’s circumstances are unique. High-net-worth individuals and business owners may not always understand how tax laws can apply to them. That’s why we take the time to talk with you about the details of your personal and/or business situation.

Discovering Opportunities

Over the years, we’ve helped our clients save hundreds of millions of dollars in tax liabilities. Our objective is to offer you a plan for creating tax efficiency that can bring your financial goals within reach sooner rather than later.

Making Adjustments

Your personal and/or business circumstances can change overnight or over decades. So can the tax laws that affect them. As a fee-based firm, we offer you the opportunity to make responsive adjustments to your tax strategy.

Your Goal, Your Wealth, Your Way

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