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Your Family Foundation

Continuing Your Legacy of Giving

<strong>How and why to establish a donor-advised family foundation</strong>

How and why to establish a donor-advised family foundation

When the Greatest Generation, those born in the 1920s and 1930s, has passed on their wealth to their children (the Baby Boomers) and their grandchildren (the Millennials), more than $13 trillion will have been transferred. Baby Boomers will be in a position to pass on even more, $30 trillion, to their children and grandchildren.

There is a losing side to this transfer that often goes overlooked in the wealth-planning process: the charities that you cared about and funded during your lifetime that no longer receive your donations.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can ensure that your charitable-giving legacy will continue after death through a donor-advised fund, also known as a family foundation.

Family foundations often carry the name of the donor whose legacy is being honored through continued giving. The cost to establish and maintain a donor-advised family foundation is minimal and can be done with a brief form. Once established, your family foundation becomes a legacy and can have an infinite life.

Your family foundation’s mission would be established by you, the donor. You determine how the funds are to be invested as well as when, how, and to whom fund distributions should be made. Ideally, your donor-advised family foundation would be funded with a minimum fund of $100,000.

Your time is now—establish your legacy today

A single donor-advised family foundation might serve many charities and distinct missions. You set the amount of funding to be given to your chosen charities each year. For example, your family foundation could be used to:

· Fund scholarships for students majoring in a subject of your choice at a designated university.

· Fund scholarships for programs at local organizations, such as your church’s youth summer camp or YMCA.

· Benefit humanitarian programs such as hospitals, relief/disaster efforts, or humane societies.

Long after your death, your favorite causes and charities will continue to benefit from the legacy of your generosity.

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